The “Ceauşescu Mansion” was for a quarter of a century (1965-1989) the private residence of Nicolae and Elena Ceauşescu and of their children, Nicu, Zoia, and Valentin.

Built in the mid-1960s and known at the time as the “Spring Palace”, the mansion was enlarged between 1970 and 1972. The preferred choice for the design of the Ceauşescu family’s residence was Aron Grimberg-Solari (born 1928). The architecture of the palace is complemented by landscaping conceived by the architect Robert Woll (who was also the main furniture designer for the house) and the landscape engineer Teodosiu.

The spatial qualities and balanced volumes of the Ceaușescu Mansion are striking, as is its luxurious and comfortable interior, the work of the architects Robert Woll and Agrippa Popescu.


For the interior ornaments of the “Ceaușescu Mansion” a variety of woods were used, both native (oak, sycamore, cherry, walnut) and exotic (mahogany, rosewood, African pear, Canadian cherry).

Inside the mansion there is an impressive collection of paintings signed by Octav Băncilă, Camil Ressu, Rudolf Cumpăna, Dumitru Ghiață, George Baron Lowendal ; a wide variety of handmade tapestries, plus a large number of mosaics designed by Prof. Olga Porumbaru and Prof. Florin Pârvulescu.

We want our visitors to see how Ceauşescu lived, not only as an internationally known head of state, but as a man in his own private life – the hobbies that he had, what his routine around the privacy of his home was, how he studied or what art collections he had in his house.